Barking Fast

Barking Fast

The 2009 Farr 40 Worlds in Porto Cervo are one of the first one-design buoy regattas ever to include live tracking, and they’ve also got a good blog running.  Barking Mad is the leader, and Terry Hutchinson       checks in for the Anarchists after Day 2 of the event:

Hey all!  We’re ticking along in Porto Cervo, and as expected the competition is an absolute battle.  The official press release today said that “Barking Mad is Dominating.”  Well, if our 1-point lead is ‘domination’, then Michael Phelps’ win in the 100 meter butterfly last year was a clear win…not!

Aboard the Barking Mad we are focusing on trying not to do it to ourselves.  Last year we went 20, 22, 22 in the last three races, so we know every race needs to be dealt with in the same manner of pre-race preparation and focus.  The story right now is that there is no real story!  We’ve just completed the first five races, and we have survived.  Joe Fly is second, just one point back, with Nerone in third another 9 points back. Over the next two days the forecast is more of the same good westerly gradient, putting an emphasis on starting and boat speed.  From a speed perspective, things on the BM are going nicely.  We still have room for improvement but have made good gains in the upwind department.

I know that this is a little boring for all the SA readers but if anything "good" comes up I will be sure to let you know….standing by in Porto Cervo 5 down 5 to go!