Sports Okay?


Sports Okay?

A report by consultancy Sport+Markt has found that most consumers will maintain their spend on sports, despite being worried about their financial situation during the economic crisis. In a survey, Sport+Markt found that 60 per cent of German and 63 per cent of UK respondents describe the current financial situation as “worrying”, but only 28 per cent of Germans and 35 per cent of UK citizens view their own personal situation as “negative”.

Only 17 per cent of Germans are considering attending fewer sporting events in future to save money, although 19 per cent are planning to watch sport on TV rather than go to stadia and arenas. In the UK the picture is worse, with 34 per cent of respondents stating that they will attend fewer sporting events due to financial shortfalls. The decline in consumption is not spread evenly across different sectors. In comparison to average spending, consumers are not as frugal regarding sport-related leisure activities such as the gym (index score: 114), sport travel (113) or merchandise (105). In comparison, saving is considerably higher in the electronics sector – in particular consumer electronics (91), mobile/cell phones (91) and computer equipment (94).

Sport+Markt say that, in both countries, survey respondents said they will only reduce consumption marginally, if at all, on sports travel and sports equipment, fan merchandise, fitness studios or attendance of sporting events. It says if the credit crunch does not intensify in the coming months, the entire sports sector should get off lightly. – sports business international.