There are few things we like more than funky, downwind, big air races, and the Double Damned race is probably the funkiest of them all.  Take a look at the thread, or better yet, this sick photo gallery from Sean Trew and Hood River B&B, and if you have the boat and the balls to deal with winds from 20 to 50 knots, go get ’em.  Here’s an excerpt from a 2008 report:

Well, we survived the inaugural Double Damned Race!  I can only say:

Oh!  My!  God!

Words could never be adequate.

What started as a race ended as a desperate attempt to just get there and stop the madness. It was beyond a doubt the toughest challenge I’ve ever faced on a boat and one of the most memorable events I will ever attend.

The Damned name is fitting, it was less a race and more an adventure/test of survival skills. Trent was so kind (I’ll get him back somehow) as to offer to enter his F-27 in this race if I’d come along and helm. I’m not known for being overly bright, but I am known for leaping before looking – I gladly accepted.

The night before the race one of our crew cancelled, in the morning after seeing the weather conditions, another crew cancelled. Honestly, that probably wasn’t a bad call… So we were 3. Hey it’s only 42 miles, how hard can it be? We can do it!

My neck and shoulders are sore from 5 1/2 hours of the most concentrated driving I’ve ever done.
My face hurts from a full 4 1/2 hours with an ear to ear grin stuck on it.
My butt hurts from about 3 1/2 hours at full milspec pucker.
Oh, and have a huge scrape/bruise on my arm that came from I know not where.