Unhappy Birthday


Unhappy Birthday

Today is Bouwe Bekking’s birthday, and it is no doubt a less than happy one. Here is the latest from him as the Blue Team attempt to regroup after their grounding.

It is amazing so strong these boats are. Everybody has seen with how much speed we smacked on that rock, but no structural damage from the impact at all. We have ultra-sounded the entire boat and nothing delaminated, which is of course a huge relieve.  It says something about the Volvo rule in general, the way the Farr office have engineered this boat and the good work from King marine who build the boat.

The damage that there is was  all caused by the daggerboard pushing through the daggerboard case and into the mainbulkhead, where it stopped.
The case repair is pretty straight forward, but the bulkhead and the bottom of the boat not, especially since there is not a lot of space in this area, so you can get max two persons in there.  Luckily we have foam in that area, so the water couldn’t travel very long. If this would have been honey comb material (Nomex), we for sure had to cut out a big part, as the water can travel and destroy the Nomex over a large area.

So the shore crew is digging in, and are on track. A big job will be the alignment of the daggerboard as all the guides have torn out as well , but I am sure we get it done and will leave Marstrand somewhere in the early hours of Thursday morning local time.

Gutted?, yes very much. It shouldn’t have happened and we can only blame ourselves that we gave 2nd place away.