I travel extensively for my work and when I stay anywhere near water I always go down to the local marinas to check out the boats. I was in St.Joseph, MI on a recent Weds evening and I went down to the Harbor Isle Marina to see if I could hitch a ride for the evening’s PHRF race.

I was too late to get a ride so I drove around the yard looking for cool boats. What I found was a yard full of rotting old IOR designs.

For those that grew up big boat racing on Lake Erie in the 80’s you will recognize the above picture. It is Hat Trick the G&S-designed Lindenberg-built 39′ that cleaned up all over the lake winning everything from Bay Week to the Lake Erie Race.

Other boats that I found were Avenger. Avenger looked like at one point it was having some bad stringers replaced.

I also found a Peterson Chaser 29 and another centerboard IOR design called Cygnus. I have no idea who built/designed her. (We’re guessing Irwin? – Ed)

It was sad to see all these once very fast boats in a state of disrepair. Although, it brought back fond memories of the 80’s big boat scene on the Great Lakes. I even saw the Heritage 1 Ton Dandelion which was the boat to beat in Detroit during the late 70’s. It was in the water and actually seemed to be actively sailed. Anarchist Jimbo.

Good time for some IOR reflections?