Turning Trix


Turning Trix

She crews everything from Melges 24s to Maxis, has a racing resumé that the rock stars at your club would envy, has sailed in Worlds, Nationals, and every cool regatta on the West Coast.  She can bench press her body weight (115 lbs), leg press four times that (holy crap!), races 120-150 days per year, and has a rack that you wouldn’t believe.

Deb Tamburri is clearly the kind of long time racer chick that makes our sport more interesting and fun, competent and good natured, she never needs a well-meaning douche to “take over for the weak link,” nor will she put up with it.  But none of that gets Deb our Sailor Chick of the Week – and it’s not the tits, either.

No – she wins that because she has balls bigger than most of you, and when a few Anarchists decided to use her as the butt of their joke, she strolled right into the forum and gave them all a big “Fuck You” and walked right out.  That is the kind of example we like to see from a woman sailor!  You girls that put up with guys grabbing your ass in the YC bar, refuse to rock the boat when a drunken crew member gropes you at the tent party, say nothing when rail meat decide to pull on lines that are your responsibility, or pretend you’re not on the crew when the skipper’s wife is around:  Take note.  And maybe send a PM to ‘trix’ if you don’t know how to deal with some dick on the boat. Here’s the already infamous thread.