Give It Away

Give It Away

Last weekend we were scheduled to race Ragtime in the Hoag Charity Cup for big boats.
Unfortunately, as of last Wednesday, Ragtime was in the yard getting a new main bulkhead, and
would likely be just shy of being ready to sail over the weekend.

Looking at the entry sheet, I noticed Al & Vicki Shulz’s Andrews 68 "Vicki" was not racing. I called
Harry Pattison of Elliott Pattison Sails to see if maybe Al would like a ready made crew to go racing.
Harry spoke to Al who turned out to be in Hawaii; Al told Harry right away that he would not be in
town, but we were welcome to take the boat and go race for the three day event.

The boat was great, with a good deck layout and a large, practical cabin; compared to the tight
dimensions of Ragtime we walked away with big time boat envy of Vicki’s deck space and volume!
Although we were on the learning curve, by Saturday we were nose to tail with Grand Illusion and
Pyewacket, and we had a great time.

We had a similar situation earlier in May when Ragtime was suddenly unavailable for NHYC’s
Opening Day Race; on a few minutes notice, Cita Litt loaned us her canting keel Schock 40 "Cita" so
we could race. It was another great day of sailing and total fun for the crew.

Lending a dinghy is one thing, and appreciated; lending big, fast racing yachts is a whole other
level of generosity. Hat’s off to Al & Vicki Schulz and Cita Litt for being so generous.

– Chris Welsh, Ragtime.