Yabba Dabba Dhabi

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Yabba Dabba Dhabi

The Anarchists have once again done some impressive spy work this weekend, uncovering an astonishing Alinghi plan to convert an existing parking lot and marina in Abu Dhabi into a huge DoGport for the 33rd America’s Cup in just a few months.  The Port includes a crane and floating dock for each boat, multiple tents and outbuildings, and is immediately adjacent to the most expensive hotel ever built.

Even more surprising than Bertarelli’s detailed plan to move the AC match to the obscenely elite and isolated Abu Dhabi City is the set of circumstances that led to its discovery by AC Anarchy ‘locals,’ leading some to believe that the information must have been set up for discovery – an interntional leak designed to throw BMW/Oracle designers off going into the final month before the launch of the Swiss boat.  We’ll let you decide for yourself.

On Saturday, Alinghi press officers sent out this drawing to the media, identified as an “artist’s impression of the new Alinghi multihull being built in Villeneuve, Switzerland.”  While the rest of the yachting press immediately posted  this exciting bit of ‘news’, our AC Anarchy detectives smelled a Swiss rat and began to work.  It was just minutes before they realized that this Alinghi rendering was a complete lie, and a few short hours before they’d found the exact photo that the Alinghi drawing was plagiarized from.  And surprise, it’s actually BMW’s DoGzilla, with Alinghi graphics added to it!