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Double Dutch

From USA777…

It is coming to fruition. The NY 400 Flying Dutchman regatta will occur September 9 – 13, 2009 in New York. There will be two separate regattas separated by the 9/11 observance. Many foreign and national dignitaries will watch the races from grandstands erected in Battery park. There has been a test regatta to discover the wrinkles of the location a couple of weeks ago. . The Dutch Government is sponsoring the event celebrating the 400th anniversary of the Dutch settling in New Amsterdam, later to be named New York. The initial commits are for 70 boats from Europe, 6 from Australasia, a couple of Canadians, 1 Mexican, 12 from the west coast, 20 from the east coast, south and surrounding midwestern areas. The west coast has 12 slots; 8 seem to be filled at this time. 4 more are anticipated prior to shipping, at no cost, to New York. Holland has graciously financially supported almost all aspects of the regatta – including shipping.

California shipping will be in two containers, allowing southern and northern FD owners to attend the events with no shipping charge to the owner. There is also a reduced discounted hotel allowance allowing FD owners to attend at reasonable rates. The boats will be delivered directly to the venue. The FD booster (and FD owner), Job Sandberg, of NYC, has lifted mountains over the past few years to make this event possible through the gracious assistance of the Dutch government and citizens. Jump in.