One Knot Shitbox

One Knot Shitbox

Have you ever thought you could beat a box rule but never had the ready cash to do it, well anarchist Hwyl is running a regatta for footy class radio controlled boats in Mystic Connecticut. It’s at the Wooden Boat show, on Saturday 27th of June, it will be at high slack water in a roped off area, after all these are one knot shit boxes. There’s no entry fee to race and free entrance to the show for participants.

Footy’s have to fit in a box twelve inches by six inches, and for this race have to be essentially wood. They can be built for less than $100 and there are free plans for the unadventurous on the Footy Web site  as well as the rules and a pretty strange forum. Footies are restricted to two channels.

There are already aero rigs, and trimarans out there, so come on scow lovers, or maybe a shunting proa, we know Anarchists can do it, drag out your tools, show us your stuff.

Notice of race here and if you want to join the thread, jump in here.
– Anarchist Gareth.