“You’re No. 1!”

"You’re No. 1!"

We’re pretty sure that’s what he means…better check that digit! The TP 52’s get after it in Marseille. Photographer Jesus Renedo files today’s report:

"This time I am working in the committee boat, so my photos are a bit from behind the scenes, I am driving the boat and writing down positions etc… always with the camera on my hand… anyway I still can get some action from another angle.
Today was the practice race, with a very shifty wind, lots of holes in the course, made it a sort of a minefield,,  but a nice sunny day and watching those sailing stars battling is always a show.
People in marseille is very much into the race, with schools bringing children to the race course and the race village is always full of local people , a big difference from Alicante.
For Friday, the coastal race, the forecast says 30+ knots!!! By the way  Q8 won….  hummmm  , same happened to Bribon in Alicante and they had a horrible week."