If there is one race that is on our ‘must-do’ list, it is the Delta Ditch (a/k/a the Riçhmond to Stockton River Race), a 60 mile ride through a twisting, turning river with winds mostly from astern and frequently at “Oh Shit” speeds, with a depth that accomodates boats as big as Farr 40s – it’s the air draft that will get ya if you’re bigger.

Here’s a short report from Peter Stoneberg, winner of Multi-1 class aboard his Formula 40 Cat “Shadow:”

We had an exciting moment when we were blasting down to the Benecia Bridge frantically calling the bridgemaster to raise the railroad bridge for us, quickly pleeeeeze!!!!  Our 68 foot rig, plus 3 feet off the water, plus pretty high tide made us VERY nervous that we weren’t going to make it under the 72 foot bridge.  Sure enough, the bridge stayed down and our masthead Windex shattered on the bottom of the bridge just as a train arrived.  Thank god it was flat water and we had some rake in the rig or we might indeed be buying that new carbon rig we’ve been dreaming about.

Great day capped off with a few steaks on the barbie at Tinsley and a great rock and roll band at the Fresh Crew cruise.  Life is good.  Thanks to SSC and RYC for running a great race, as usual. And here’s a report from Krispy Kreme, aboard the Santa Cruz 37 Javelin:

Great ride up the river. Had wind the whole way, but very shifty/variable in places. Made for a good show. We crashed several times. Also blew the start – forgot the I flag was up, grrrr… and lost our depth gauge just before passing the Napa River entrance. Ran hard aground just east of Port Chicago. We peeled from the reacher to the runner and back a thousand times (well it felt like it, my arms are tired) then wing and winged the last part of the river. Beautiful sunset, great breeze at the end of the day. Got in about ten after 6.  Saw the F31 shred its kite. One Hobie we were trading places with for a bit, flipped – husband/wife or BF/GF team. They were having a ‘discussion’ as to best ways to right it the last time we saw them. Saw the flipped cat near Tinsley. Looked like the starboard hull was sunk. Did they traverse the day marker?

Multi Results are here, Mono results are here, and overall is here.  You can see load of pics and more reports here in the thread, or go to Photoboy’s site for the complete gallery.