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Another World

Anarchist 5150 files this report from Skiff racing in Frisco.

Six boats on the beach, but only five made the starting line-  Dan Brandt’s new "Spot Satellite / Toyota Sunnyvale"  had some teething issues and broke down on the way to the race course. 

Howie dominated, but at times we were right on his ass- of course, the excitement level on our boat when chasing down a multiple world champion got the best of us and in our closest race we lost it at the leeward mark. Bad for our scores, but it’s all on "Whitey Cam" so it should be good for the web video.

Whitmarsh, Richards, and myself *probably* finished second overall – most of our races were seconds and some spectators said we beat Howie in one of them, though we didn’t notice, and i doubt we did.  The format is still "winner takes all" in the final race, which Howie won, second place going to Joey Pasquali, Rory Griffin, and John Gray.  We wiped out in a nasty double jibe douse and then broke trapeze gear, so we had to retire in third position.