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Rock It

With its third firmware update in less than a year, Rock City Marine continues to improve on the capability of the RockBox AMPD. Firmware version 3.0 has added:

  •  Waypoint functions: distance, ETA, VMG, bearing, waypoint steering graph
  •  Info screen with current Lat/Lon, distance sailed, and max speed
  •  Starting line distance is now available in either true, a straight line from your bow, or a distance perpendicular from the starting line
  •  A new experimental starting line function: Time To Line. Using your speed and the distance, the RockBox now calculates the time to the line.  Rather than wait to release this while its tested and tuned over the race season, Rock City Marine decided to add it to the latest firmware so that everyone can try it out

The new firmware, not to mention the wireless remote control that lets you change functions from anywhere on the boat, makes the RockBox AMPD a great addition to your current instruments or a cost effective and light weight alternative to a complex hard wired setup.