GP 33


GP 33

Ship equipment exporter Konrad Smolen has just launched his new Ceccarelli-designed GP 33
Stocznia Ustka Boatbuilders 3 in Ustka, Poland in anticipation of a campaign of racing throughout

the Baltic region this season. Building on their collaborative relationship with Ceccarelli during

the last America’s Cup, former +39 bowman Jacek Wysocki has built the hull and deck in carbon

fiber with help from Andrzej Glebow. The team also collaborated with carbon spar maker King

Composites in Argentina for the rig package. Smolen is no newcomer to international offshore racing, having been active for over two decades

in the Baltic, with strong finishes logged in the Quarter-Ton World Championship in

Travemunde, Germany and various Gotland Runt races in Sweden. He was also crowned as the

Polish ORC International champion.

On his decision to build this boat, Smolen says “Our previous Ceccarelli-designed 27-footer was

perfect for day racing but too small for a long offshore regatta like the Gotland Runt. In fact, in

2007 we were leading our class in the race that year but with a small crew and no sleep we tired

at the end and dropped back to the middle. So we decided to build this bigger boat.” On the GP 33 concept, Smolen is enthusiastic. “The GP 33 is just the right size for Baltic waters,

looks very fast for its size and is strong enough to race in rough conditions. And we like that the

box rule gives you some room for technical development which is not allowed in one design

/> classes.” He says this concept is proving popular, as another GP 33 is now under construction by his

friend and designer Gienek Ginter. “We had a sort of competition going with him, and even

though we’re now in the water now, he is well-advanced with his and is scheduled to launch in

September of this year.”