Learning Curve

Learning Curve

Thames A Raters are about the purest expression of river boat design here in the UK – tall 44ft masts with ultra high aspect ratio sails on boats around 28ft overall (but a lot less on the waterline) that can practically tack in their own length.

They’ve been in Norfolk this weekend competing in the 3 Rivers Race – around 65 miles and 4 bridges to go under (yes, that’s right, you take the mainsail down, the mast down while under way and try to shoot the bridge and get the mast back up if you can…..)

Here’s a shot from last weekend’s Bourne End Week in deepest Buckinghamshire, on the River Thames.

A nice south westerly wind blowing, the sun is shining, and it’s getting so warm even the cows need to get in the water to cool down.

Six A Raters are heading for the leeward mark…. with No 14 ‘Spindrift’ pretty keen to get there first.

Maybe using the mast bend to trim that square top just right?

Just check out that curve!

(Photo by Martin Dixon). Thanks to anarchist Chris.