He Rode Her Easy

He Rode Her Easy

If, like the vast majority of the sailing public, you are completely tired of reading legal documents, we’d like to give you hope that the legal system is not entirely unentertaining.  Check out this motion to dismiss written by Florida attorney Jack Kallen in a case filed by a luxury yacht buyer disappointed that their $2M boat was a pig.  It was profiled in the excellent Above The Law blog – basically the legal version of Sailing Anarchy. Here’s an excerpt:

“Suitable arrangements were made. Not wanting to push her too fast, he rode her easy.  With her prominent front pushed up, her rear somewhat down, her performance.  was somewhat hesitant and resistant. But he was told she was a maiden, that he’d be her first owner.

“He knew that with the right master, the right equipment, and with promises of better things
to come, her performance could only get better, would be as promised (para. 45). Michael Krieger
was hooked.

“However, as others before him had learned in dealing with her identical sisters, (para. 60),
he would soon come to the realization that in her family, beauty’s only skin deep. She had been
born with a fatal defect…Once a sea cow, always a sea cow.”