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SA would have died long ago without great companies to support it, and we’d like to welcome Devoti Sailing to the SA fold as the newest of those companies.  Devoti is spreading the word about their new D-ONE dinghy, a cool little singlehander that will make a great replacement for the Laser and Finn – if those old boats are ever allowed to die, that is.  Here’s a note from Devoti co-founders Roman Teply and Luca Devoti:

When my last Olympic campaign ended, it left a vacuum in my life.  My body thanked me, but my mind knew I would need a new challenge on the water. Sailing is like a drug for me – I simply cannot get enough of it -and with my long time friend and Olympic coach Roman Teply, I knew I could build great boats for those who shared my passion. We established Devotisailing.cz in 2003, and quickly became the world’s leading builder of the Olympic Finn, and the licensed European builder of the legend­ary Melges 24.

Two years ago, we realized that the world needed a new singlehanded dinghy; a boat that would provide what is missing from the popular classes raced today. The D-One would keep the best of the Finn and Laser, while improving on them in every way. It would capitalize on the huge strides made in design, engineering, and construction since the birth of these classic boats, providing comfort, ease of sailing, and the kind of downwind performance that embodies modern, high-performance sailing. The D-One would also embrace a new type of racing format designed to keep class events relaxed and fun.

After twenty-five months and thousands of hours of work, we are proud to say that we have accomplished every one of our goals. We designed, built, rede­signed, rebuilt, tested, developed, and then redesigned – and we think you will be very pleased with the result.  For us, the D-One is not just another boat – it represents a new philosophy in racing designed around fun and ease-of-use rather than pain and winning at all costs.

Please stop by our new D-One website to learn more about the new boat.  You can check out the sail plan, specifications, photos, and even video of your clumsy Mr. Clean sailing it  – and you can sign up for more news and information at the site.  We will update you here as soon as we can with more about the D-One very soon, and we’re extremely excited to be part of the Sailing Anarchy family!

-Roman and Luca