Around the World and Home Again

Around the World and Home Again

We ran a story earlier this week about something very cool that the SA community got involved with, and here is the result, at least in part:

Hello Marc!

I was thrilled (as were my students!) to receive your phone call AND the Amazing Travel Journal!  Patrick was so proud- he’s a quiet boy who tends to "fly under the radar", so to have received a little fame in our class has been great for him!  I would love to read the article when it is finished, and if I can help in any way (photos with mom’s permission?) please let me know.  Also, I’d love to read the entries from your website from earlier in the year when your sailors were writing about it online.

I have read the journal from cover to cover and your participation and dedication to an anonymous schoolboy and his project brought tears to my eyes!  What a special group of people.  Who could have guessed at such a great outcome?

Thank you for your commitment and enthusiasm.  The world feels a little smaller and a lot more special thanks to each of you!

Many thanks,

Judy Connor
Grade 2 Teacher