Sport Around

Sport Around

Chicago Sportboat Demo Weekend at Chicago Corinthian Yacht Club
Montrose Harbor, Chicago
June 12-14

Here is your chance to come have a look at and TRY OUT the hottest trend in keelboat racing in the US – the 20’ish foot sportboats.  That’s right – the right kind of “boat show” where you can actually get to sail some or all of these exciting boats.

In this economy many people are looking to spend less on racing sailboats enjoying good, fast racing and these boats offer exactly that, while also being extremely fun to sail – most people actually think they are much more fun than the typical spread of racer/cruisers.  They don’t cost the same as a small house – indeed some of them are available new including a trailer, sails, covers, etc. ready to race from around $ 30,000; raced with 2-4 people and speeds that will put many R/C’ers in the 30-40 foot range to shame.  Fleets are sprouting across the country and at the just concluded Charleston Race Week we had OD fleets of these with up to 32 boats on the line.  Talk about fast, close and fun racing.

These boats are raced by both young and old – we have skippers in their seventies (they just think they are a lot younger).  The boats are simple to set up and sail but obviously require some practice to get at the front end of the fleet