Hanna White



Anarchist John Henke send this one in for y’all…

JH: I’m here with Hanna White, 21, competitor in the 2009 OSTAR, the night before the start of the race. So Hanna, this is your second OSTAR

HW: yes, my second start.  I did the race four years ago in 2005 on an open 40 and unfortunately after 7 days, I had to retire because of gear failure.  I’m back. I’m very excited and very determined that we’re going to get there all the way this year.

JH: So you’re sailing a Beneteau Figaro this time.

HW: Yeaaay, yes a Figaro II, a fantastic boat.  In terms of power and size it is quite a step down from the 40’s and the class 40’s that I’m used to sailing, but it is a very refreshing, very solid, very fun boat to sail and I’m really excited.  I think it is a really good choice of boat for this race.  I have a lot of confidence in the boat.

JH: Great.  What have you done differently in boat preparation this time compared to last race?