Phil Bolger, 1927 – 2009


Phil Bolger,1927 – 2009

From Bob Perry, on yesterday’s sad passing of a small boat designer with a mind that fully embraced the concept of Anarchy – Phil Bolger:

It saddens me to pass this along, but the world of yacht design just lost a very creative mind. Apparently Phil was starting to feel like he was not on top of things any more mentally and he had some family history with that. Phil went out behind his house and shot himself without giving warning to anyone. He had discussed the prospect of this with his wife in detail but he did not give her any warning that morning.

I really admired Phil’s work, the folding schooner et al. I was not a real friend of Phil’s although over the years I talked to him on the phone several times. He was very quirky and eccentric and of course that came across in his work. He was a lot of fun to talk to. I am going to be thinking of this for a long time. MORE.