Around the World


Around the World

It started with a kid’s school project, the nephew of a friend of anarchist‘LoopyGirdleSniffer’.

The young man, Patrick, had an exercise book that was to be sent from person to person and get back to him for this month, May. Each recipient of the book should write in the book and send a postcard to Patrick.

As far as I know it wasn’t a competition regarding distance but, if it was, I think the efforts of Anarchists will be hard to beat. After a few bounces around the US it shot off to Singapore, Australia and on to Terrorvision in Hong Kong. He then contacted me in Shanghai and sent the book to me by courier – this was around the time of the Volvo was in Qingdao.

After spending the day on Il Mostro a thought came to mind. I emailed Kate Fairclough of the PUMA PR Team and she said she would look after the book in Rio so off it went to South America.

The book then returned to Boston close to its source. Patrick’s school is in Walpole just 20 -30 miles outside the city. Kate tells me she was going to try and get the last entry to be made by Kenny Read of Il Mostro, a round the world book completed by a round the world sailor – kind of appropriate don’t you think?

Wish I was a fly on the wall both when Patrick receives it and his teach’ realizes how far traveled it is.Well done to the Anarchy Community and the forums. Check it out. – Shanghai Sailor.