Capricious Capri

Capricious Capri

The wind has not played ball at Capri Sailing week. Every day has taxed PRO Peter Reggio, who has had to change courses, delay racing, or even abandon it and the final day was no exception. So, Vincenzo Onorato took the Farr 40 class, Carlo Perrone the Swan 45 class, Leonardo Ferragamo the Swan 42 class, Alessandro Nespega the Comet 45 class and Massimo Russo the Comet 41 class. In other words, it was an Italian clean sweep, but it could have been different if the winds hadn’t been so capricious. Comets apart, this year’s event was truly international, which delighted Yacht Club Capri President, Massimo Massaccesi: “To see such a well prepared, competitive and international fleet has been a real pleasure. This event is significant for Capri and is recognized as an important one in the Mediterranean calendar.”

The winners were, of course, equally happy: “When you win it is always a good week,” said Onorato. “I’m happy because, I was born in Naples so Capri is more or less my home and it is beautiful to win here.”

“We’re delighted because this was the first racing of this year, so we’ve started well.” said Carlo Perrone “One of the key issues in our success was managing to keep the same sailing team for this

There’s no doubt that the most delighted of all was Massimo Russo who was overwhelmed at the way he and his crew had dominated the Comet 41 class “Five wins was unimaginable to me! It was not at all expected. Of course I knew we could do well with this team. Our tactician is Gabriele Bruni, a former Olympic sailor from Palermo, a very special person. Besides being a very good tactician he is also very strong in social skills which ensured we were a crew of friends with a great spirit.” Rossi’s yacht, Athanor, is named after the Italian word for a furnace used by alchemists and this week he managed to turn lead into gold.

One thing is always certain at this event; whatever tricks the wind plays you can almost guarantee the sun will shine and great food and entertainment are guaranteed. Photo from Carlo Borlenghi and more here.