Minor League

Minor League

We’re not home much, and it drives me nuts.  We’ve got great sailing events here Charleston, South Carolina:  A real tall ship event (the Harbor Fest), a real distance race (the Charleston to Bermuda) and some great one design regattas all call Charleston their home, and we’ve never seen one of them.  So we were very excited that the Portimao Global Ocean Race stopped here this week, when we happen to be at our rarely used address.

And there was drama!  Michel Kleinjans, the sole singlehander left in the race, sailed right around the globe (including Cape Horn) without incident, only to run into a Maersk container ship less than 500 miles from the leg finish in Charleston.  He limped in under headsail in a severe gale with a hole in Roaring Forty’s hull big enough to stick your hand through.  Listen to the full interview with Kleinjans at Pierside Boatworks after Forty was hauled out right here.

We also got a great invitation to go sail a Classe 40 – the fastest-growing shorthanded racing class there is – from Boris and Felix, the crew of Beluga Racer.  This pair of 27-year old Germans look like they’re about 18, and they are so far ahead of their competition that they have only to start the leg to Portugal to win the race.  They’re great kids, great racers, and they have big plans for the future – and that is what this race may turn out to be;  the minor leagues for the Open 60 Class.

Check out some upwind work, a wipeout, a tour of the cabin, and a pile of other stuff from the boat today in Charleston Harbor, as well as a long interview with PGOR Director Josh Hall.  Hint:  Click on HQ at the bottom of the Youtube player to get better sound, since the wind screws up everyone’s voices, and I detest editing.   Mr. Clean.