It’s The Rum Talking

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It’s The Rum Talking

Stay Home. Do not go to Barbados. It must be avoided at all costs. Especially if you are not interested in rum. Or sunshine. Warm water. Blue skies. Breeze. Beaches. Sailing. Did we mention rum? It’s evil. Stay away.

Invited to Barbados as part of a press group to cover the Mount Gay Boatyard regatta, it was my first time there and while the regatta was one thing – more on that later – I was interested in Barbados as a place to visit. With tourism and rum their biggest industries, it seems a perfect marriage – and it is!

Squired around by our ‘handler’ the lovely and incredibly patient Daphna, we spent a good portion of our time seeing some of the historical areas of the country (plantation houses, artisans, and eating at some of the better restaurants), and that was good and interesting and made it clear that this little Island has plenty to offer from the cultural perspectives. The picture at the left is an artistic interpretation of Caribbean style hiking, and a good example of some of the art to be found on the Island – this one done by a visiting sculptor from Martinique named Jerome. I am way more Joe Dirt than Mr. Culture, and would have preferred to be on a beach somewhere, checking out the talent, but that wa not my task for this trip. Next time, and there will be a next time.