The Power of SA. Sort of.

on board

The Power of SA. Sort of.

The Sailing Anarchy shirts must have brought us some luck on this leg. (We built some shirts for the boys for this leg. -Ed.) Some of us have slipped them on board, and even that we cannot display them openly – team colors only! – I know that they are worn as a first layer, close the heart.  

The Boston stopover has been excellent for us, and I think for American sailing in general, I was surprised to see so many spectators and boats at our departure. The "world series" of sailing had arrived in town and the public knew we were there. SA was always present, with even "reporters" working as volunteers for the event. A good way to get a feeling from both sides, the public and the sailors how the stopover has been.

So definitely the best stopover ever in the USA. But it shows as well, it is necessary  to have people involved who know our sport. Premier racing, with Peter Craig as the foreman have done a fantastic job, guiding all the volunteers to make it a successful stop for us sailors. The first sailing part went well for TELEFONICA BLUE, scoring the maximum points at the gate. We lost some calculated ground against the fleet, and are not in first place anymore, but right now that doesn’t matter; we have to claw back and still plenty of miles to go. And surprise, surprise, we are upwind again. Will we ever get a leg, without any beating?  The slogan the best downwind race in the world can definitely go in the history books.

Bouwe Bekking