2009 International Blokart Open and Rally at Ivanpah Dry Lake Bed

Dirty Air

2009 International Blokart Open and Rally
at Ivanpah Dry Lake Bed

It took me a while but I finally put my trip to print. Woof

With cheap rooms and lots of wind this was a great event, surpassing last years. For every one who missed this regatta, the rooms were $14.95 (Sunday thru Thursday) and $45 (Friday and Saturday). I booked a full week with taxes and fees it was $162.11 (for a week)……Ya just can’t go wrong with that and I still cannot believe that not one So Cal Anarchist took Joe Kent of Class Action Racing up on his offer to get out and try this fun and relatively cheap sport for a minimal cost.

I was planning a trip with Joe Joines, an O30 / M24 owner who just bought a used blokart. A guy trip to the desert for some high speed sailing. But it was not to be…. about a month prior I found out my son’s spring break was the same week…..OK, I can handle the boy (16) coming along, it will be his first blokart trip to a real track where you can reach speeds you’ll never hit in a parking lot no matter how big it is. Then My Father-in-law finds out and he wants to hang in the Casinos (Ivanpah Dry Lake Bed is on the Calif/Nevada border)…So my wife decides to drive out with us, she and her dad can spend the weekend. My food bill went up dramatically for the first 3 days. But Monday thru Thursday it was a guy thing. The rest of the Story