The Hills Have Eyes


The Hills Have Eyes

We asked the Anarchists for more spy info on Alinghi’s big catamaran, and it’s started to roll in. A whole lot of rumors without too much confirmed info, but interesting nonetheless, and from solid sources. Here are the best bits:

Last February, Alinghi lead engineer Dirk Kramers gave a lecture on their multihull activities in preparation for the DOG event at the winter get together of NEMA, the New England Multihull Association. Much discussion about thier Decision 35 efforts, Extreme 40 efforts, tuning up and further refinement of the 41′ Alingi cat, especially their foil package. While there wasn’t much Dirk could say about the DoG boat, it was pretty obvious it would directly evolve from the 41′ design.

In response to questions about materials for the Cheezilla, Dirk conceded that aluminum honeycomb was their core of choice. The next question caught Dirk aback – one guy asked him if boron fiber would be used in the construction instead of carbon fiber – and the Alinghi man hesitated, and said, “yes” in front of 80 people who knew the answer before he said it.

Mini Maxi
A different source gives us some truly enticing news – again, how reliable it is we have no idea – but he writes that “the Alinghi boat will have variable geometry, most likely with adjustable beam width to allow them to fly a hull in as little as 4 knots of wind, yet still be able to handle 30 knots.” Now that’s some cool shit – and the Anarchist spy design team is going to have fun with this one.

Double, in Trouble
We also hear that Alinghi have actually built two hulls, and that those hulls were finished in December. Despite the lead time this represents, sources tell us that they are running extremely late and the build design team is ‘mondo stressed.’ Despite announcements of a July launch for one or both boats, now we hear that they’ll be lucky to get one in the water in August, and that Bertarelli is panic stricken he might have to announce the venue in August. To that end, Alinghi lawyers are said to be getting ready to file an action with the New York Attorney General’s office designed to delay the DoG match to a time that fits Bertarelli’s plans better. What kind of action we don’t know, but there may be clues in the musings of SNG lawyer Hamish Ross, who has argued for years that the Deed of Gift really doesn’t give the NY Courts the powers everyone thinks, and that their decisions have no weight. The “Nuclear” option, or just more bullshit from Team Douche?