Four Knot Shitbox

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Four Knot Shitbox

While Nacra 20s and F-18 catamarans are about the last thing you think of when you hear the dreaded 4KSB term, when the wind gets light enough, everyone’s got a shitbox. That’s what happened during today’s 100-mile leg of the Tybee 500, and at 11 PM as I write this story, just 6 boats of 24 have landed on the beach. With 3-7 knots on the course, the racing was all about playing the clouds, with runaway winner Mischa Heemskerk doing the best job of it by far. Only his girlfriend Carrie Howe kept close, and despite Mischa’s 40 minute delta at the finish, the two F-18s were locked tight until just a couple of hours from the beach. “We separated around one cloud and finally got some distance on them,” Mischa told me. “Then we saw smoke from a ship and it told us there was shift and pressure inshore, and that’s what let us create such a big gap to the rest of the teams.”

Mischa Heemskerk shows that he can do some special things off the water as well as on it.

The volunteers and shore crews will party on the beach until the last cat is home – at this point, it looks like that means 4 AM – and they have to do it all again tomorrow morning on the leg to Daytona.

We’re finally getting some good videos up – we actually beat Mischa to the finish for the first time – not a huge accomplishment given the hour – but our new Flip camcorder is working well for interviews, while a brand new HD Sanyo is supposed to show up at the hotel in the morning. Technology to the rescue!

Be sure to check out Sailing Anarchy TV for dozens of clips from the race – one tip is to press “pause” on the player to let the videos load before watching them – and check out more awesome pictures from Mer, as well as Team Velocity’s update for more information. Check out the OTW Anarchy thread for weather, smack talk, and all the links you need.