Early Birds

Big Pimpin’

Early Birds

After making the front page of the Los Angeles Times and staging one of the largest and most successful inaugural yacht races in Southern California yacht racing history, The Border Run is 2009 Border Run Startalready plotting for next year. Unlike other races, The Border Run is run by committed racers dedicated to making events that make sense to the racing community.

"We want to make this race the largest, all inclusive contest this country has ever seen," said organizer Randy Reynolds. "We got this thing up and running in just a few short months. With a year lead time, I really think we can produce something unlike anyone has ever seen."

Reynolds and his team are bandying about dozens of ideas that they feel will appeal to the modern yacht racer. From new concepts involving advertisement and sponsorship to alternative ideas regarding starts, finishes, trophies and parties. Amazingly the 2010 edition of the race already has over 70 boats signed up and the organization is offering chances to win prizes for signing on early.

To enter the 2010 Border Run and have a chance to win a Garmin handheld GPS and free entry go to www.theborderrun.org and click on entry 2010. Deadline for drawing is Friday, May 15th – The winner will be announced Monday, the 18th.  Photo by Pat Reynolds