Spy vs. Spy


Spy vs. Spy

In yet another absolutely bizarre move from the desk of Alinghi lawyer Lucien Masmejan, SNG today filed an affidavit with the NY Supreme Court that has to be the strangest yet.  The 39-page document adds only one thing to the record; a transcript of an interview between French police and BMW sail design team member Jean Antoine Bonnaveau.  It gets weirder:  The transcript claims that Bonnaveau is being questioned in connection with a complaint (from an unnamed source) that he was ‘violating privacy using a camera.’

A quick reading of the transcript reveals that Bonnaveau’s job was to learn more about the now-infamous VAB tent in Villeneuve – its size and feasibility for building a DoGmaran.  It also reveals that the ‘spy’ was never on Alinghi’s property at all.  Unsurprisingly, no charges have been filed by the French even though Bonnaveau was questioned almost two weeks ago. 

So what is Masmejan really trying to accomplish with this new filing?  A guy gets questioned in France for an action in Switzerland that is completely legal in every civilized country, and this is somehow supposed to influence the New York Supreme Court on the even of Alinghi’s contempt hearing?

As we said above – it’s just bizarre.  When added to the pile of steaming bullshit that is the Green Comm challenge (also in the affidavit) and the rest of SNG’s pathetic attempt to paint themselves as anything but the bullshit artists they are, it smacks of total and complete deperation.  Ernesto knows he is going to lose on Thursday, and he has instructed his henchmen to go to every length – no matter how silly – to change that result.  If Bertarelli had any credibility at all left in the world, it is now gone. 

Unless he was really looking to keep Bonnaveau in France for a day or two while something interesting was happening in Velleneuve…anyone else get any pictures at the end of April?