Stepping Up

race report

Stepping Up

Keysource racing in the GP Petit Navire

Having achieved our goals with our previous boat, a J105, winning the RORC double handed season in 2007, we decided to step up and have a pop at the Class 40’s. We bought a second hand Akilaria last summer and spent the rest of the season trying to come to grips with this awesome boat – in terms of power, loads, sailing etc. it’s more than just a step up!

After our shakedowns last season we put her into the shed over the winter – put her on a bit of diet, uprated the water ballast, took the keel and rig off and did some bits and bobs with them and got her branded up as Keysource.

First event was the Grand Prix Petit Navire. Petit Navire is a canned fish company (one of the raffle prizes at the event was to win your weight in tuna cans – I shit you not!)

As this was our first event racing against other 40’s we approached the GP full of trepidation, and we weren’t wrong to. Rocking up on the dock is pretty intimidating when everywhere you look there are sailing legends we’ve only read about before – Bernard Stamm and Kito de Pavant on Le Pal, Halvard Mabire on 40 Degrees,  as well as Giovanni Soldini racing his Telecom Italia. Not to mention Mich Desjoyeux and a few other luminaries sailing their 60’s.