No New Tale to Tell

on the course

No New Tale to Tell

Moose Mclintock has a sad tale to tell.

The old saying is "at least it’s better than a sharp stick in the eye" or " better than a root canal".  After another frustrating day in Annapolis, both of those alternatives would have been a far better choice than trying to figure out what’s going on out here.  I sailed the Etchells NA’s here a couple years ago, conditions were so bad it turned out to be a non-regatta.  I guess this is better because we got a race in today so it’s a regatta, and there are tons of people hoping we can get another race in tomorrow so we can get a drop because that is going to be the determining factor for this years worlds.

Today actually showed a lot of promise, there was enough breeze to get everyone on deck going upwind and down (a far cry from the last couple days) and it looked like it would hang for at least two races.  Bahahahahaha.  No chance.