Hot Lips


Hot Lips

The little contest we started with last week’s Southern Comfort piece has spawned its first solid entry – and the Adelaide Sailing Club chicks that create the LIPS regatta have not only won Sailor Chick of the Week honors, but also a sweet SA flag to fly.  For an unrelated but awesome chick-lovin’ thread, check this out – and here’s the club President Donna’s story about this cool event.  Don’t forget to send us your entry to this contest to win some swag and recognition!

LIPS Regatta – the Ladies Invitational Pacer Sail-Off

In order to fully understand the concept of the LIPS Regatta, a little bit of history is necessary. It is a history which will be familiar to many…

A group of 4 girls spend their weekends absorbed in Sailing Club Life. They are dragged away interstate each and every Christmas for National Championships. A romantic weekend away with their partners is co-ordinated around Regattas, and where the boys need to be in order to get out on the water. Each girl has learnt to skull beer, competing with the best of them, whereas before they were introduced to sailing, they wouldn’t even consider ordering a beer. And yet not one of these girls has ever sailed a boat in her life.

The female is an inquisitive creature. So it is only natural that these 4 girls should spend one National event watching the sailing (or perhaps watching the bottles of wine empty themselves…) and decide that, just for a little bit of fun, they should hire some boats and get the boys to teach them how to sail. And, as more wine was consumed, the Ladies Invitational Pacer Sail-Off, better known as the LIPS Regatta, was born.