Boston Uncommon


Boston Uncommon

We hear that the Boston’s Fan Pier is something of a ghost town since the weekend, not a surprise considering the shitty weather and lack of local promotion of the Volvo stopover until very recently.  Still, the races this weekend should be fun and intense – temps are forecast to reach near 70 for the practice and pro-am races.  Not bikini weather (damn!) but not bad either.

The Anarchists have stepped up to bring you as much as we can; while the Volvo folks have pulled off some great coverage from some of the stopovers, they have been inconsistent; and we didn’t want you all to miss the good stuff.  So we are relying on the SA community – as we always do when we want something done right.  The Volvo staff know this, and they’ve been extremely accommodating to the four Anarchists that we’ve sent to town to cover the action – they know we will catch what they miss.

So in addition to Bedford, the winner of Puma’s sweet contest, we’ll have at least three other Anarchists sailing on VO 70s this weekend (thanks to Bouwe and our friends on Telefonica Black and Blue), another Anarchist or three getting pics and video from the course, some OTW action, and of course, interviews from shore.

Since we don’t believe in giving these yahoos any direction, how about if you all handle it?  Check in and let them know exactly what photos and videos you’d like to see, who you want to see interviewed, and what details you want to know.  The SA posse will do the best they can do bring you along for the ride.

Speaking of being taken for a ride, here’s a beauty. Apparently they give these out to just about anyone…