Magic Carpet

Magic Carpet

From Tad Pecorak, one of the principals behind the Sailing Anarchy sponsored Team Velocity Sailing, getting ready for their 5-boat assault on the bad ass Tybee 500 starting this Monday.

Without a doubt, a race like the Tybee 500 is one of the most logistically challenging races to plan in advance.  You never start and finish at the same place, you can’t just take a throw out to hit the dock and repair something real quick in time for the next gun, and there’s no beer cooler – well, on the boat anyways.  

Since Team Velocity had the stones to enter five separate teams this year’s race, the challenges logistically are pretty stout.  Thankfully, this ain’t our first rodeo as they say.  We knew from the start that if our chance of making this a success depended on having  someone who could take all the ground logistics off our hands; someone with obsessive-compulsive disorder would help, so nothing was left to the last minute.

Her name is Allison, and she’s the one that has made this madness bearable.  Booking 10 hotel rooms, at seven separate beaches, setting itineraries for all the team members traveling in from as far as Maryland and St. Thomas, getting breakfasts for all the sailors prepared and  delivered to the hotels, making sure that the ground crew for every team boat has a checklist of tasks that are to be performed every night; and much more.  She’s our superhero – all wrapped up in a sexy 5’5” blonde package, as I’m sure Clean will show you next week.