What Up, Esse?

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What Up, Esse?

Schuchter Sportboats has been involved in sport boats since 1987.  In the 1990’s Schuchter realized there was a market need for a planing keelboat that could be raced with a 2 to 4 man crew. Josef Schuchter developed the conceptual design for the Esse 850, which was designed by the Italian design firm Felci Yacht Design(www.felciyachts.com). The resulting design met the design concept of being extremely easy to sail with a limited crew and blindingly fast for a 28 foot boat. Hull and deck are constructed in Italy, the keel and rudder are manufactured in Switzerland and the boats assembled by Josef Schuchter Sportboats in Stafa, Switzerland.

The Esse 850 is characterized by extreme Swiss attention to detail and is a developing class in Europe with over 110 delivered to since 2004. In 2005 the Esse 850 was selected as European  Yacht of the Year and in 2007 was selected as the Sailing World Overall Boat of the Year.

The Esse 850 races heads-up with boats such as the J-109 and takes only minutes to rig and de-rig. It has the upwind boat speed to hold much larger boats on a weather leg and blinding speed off-wind. It is the ultimate gentlemen’s day-sailer. The Esse 990 has been introduced as a complement to the Esse 850 and was a finalist in the European Yacht of the Year for 2009.

Go here for the Esse 850 design details and here for for details on the Esse 990.