Rock the Cat Winner


Rock the Cat Winner

The winner of our Rock the Cat contest with PUMA is Richard Mitchelle. His rant, The America’s Cup On Three Million Bucks, is below. Good job dude and hit is up ASAP so that we can make arrangements to fly you to Boston, hotel and your ride on il mostro! We’ll announce the rest of the winners later this week.

OK, the AC is, well, becoming a bit of a yawn. Spend millions on funny-looking lead bottom money gobblers that barely break into double digit speeds, add a few lawyers, make sure each team has a smattering of Kiwis and you’ve got yourself the world class regatta that has come to represent the pinnacle of our sport. I think it’s time to stir it up a bit. That’s why I intend to do the AC on three million bucks.

First, some background. Remember Eddie the Eagle? Most of us do. Remember who took the gold in ski jumping that year? Not likely. Remember the Jamaican Bobsled Team? You probably do. Do you remember anyone that won a bobsledding medal that year? It’s doubtful. So let’s take that thinking to the AC.

Of course we’d need a boat. There are lots of perfectly good used boats out there so we’d buy one. I figure half a mil ought to do it. After all, we aren’t looking for a thoroughbred here. If it floats and measures in, we’re good to go. Sails? No problem. I’m sure the boat would come with containers teeming with barely used rags. I don’t know if we’d be allowed to enter an old boat so we’d paint it and mod it enough to make it look new.