Greener Grass

Greener Grass

In contrast to the general community sentiment about our national governing body US Sailing, we don’t hear too many complaints about other NGBs.  But now it’s time for some, from Anarchist “lydia” in the forum (edited for grammar):

I have tried to be nice about this but did not get anywhere, so now I will just be abusive.  Does some Yachting Australia bureaucrat (no doubt wanting to protect his job) want to explain why my IRC renewal is AUD $ 27.50 per metre? The exchange rate today according my bank website is around 0.50 to the British Pound.  The UK fee for renewal is according to the 2009 yearbook is GBR 7.75 pounds/meter.

So to renew in the UK is about AUD $15.50 per meter but in Australia I have to pay AUD $27.50/meter.  So I pay AUD$ 12/meter extra to have Yachting Australia send me a yearbook and slow my certificates down by sending them via State Yachting which usually sit with them for a week or so and eventually send it on? Lets not pretend any other service is provided – the measurer’s time is paid for otherwise.

As the difference is around AUD$ 200 for my boat, and last time I looked, a RORC overseas yearly membership is less than this, I guees I will just have to get a membership form and deal direct. Some small handling would be fair enough but almost double the price is just bul#$%!  If the justification is to have IRC owners pay for other Yachting Australia activities then say so and tell us what these are.

Of course a whole lot of owners may not feel like renewing certificates if they are being used as a "cash cow" by Yachting Australia.

What do you think?