The New Standard?

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The New Standard?

Seen at Strictly Sail Pacific Expo: New nke Regatta Processor

It looks like nke Marine Electronics has upped the ante in high performance sailing instruments with the introduction of the new Regatta Processor, shown for the first time in the USA at the Oakland CA sail show. With a 25Hz sampling rate and full 3 axis motion compensation this system is a game changer for the racing sailor. With the 3D Sensor in place the processor actively corrects errors in wind readings caused by the boats motion in the waves 25 times a second resulting in dramatically better performance and stability in wind functions.

The Regatta Processor has complete calibration facilities with easy to use software. 2Gigs of internal memory automatically log all functions at 25Hz and make them available for post race download via the Ethernet port for performance analysis.  For reference, the comparably priced B&G H3000 Hercules performance level processor samples the wind at only 4Hz with no motion compensation, no internal data logging and no Ethernet capability.

The nke Regatta processor also accepts fast NMEA so you can use the new generation high speed, high resolution GPS units directly connected to the processor. For more information contact: [email protected]