No He Can’t

by design

No He Can’t

An interesting take on canting keels from Paolo Penson. So instead of entire keels falling off, now just the bulb will!!

Some critics have argued about the safety of canting keels in ocean racing citing structural, hydraulic and/or electrical reasons. And some purists have complained about yacht races coming down to a push or a button.

The patented Penson designed keel will provide the righting moment without the need for hydraulic rams, canards or leeboards, and buttons to push. Instead of shifting the center of gravity by canting the keel to windward with hydraulic rams, the Penson Keel employs hydrodynamics, where the bulb hinged to the bottom of the foil moves the righting moment fin at the bottom trailing edge of the foil to windward, whereby the laws of hydrodynamics pushes the bulb downward thereby reducing heel. Because of this and the additional lift provided by the area between the bulb and the hinge at the tip of the foil, there is no need for canards or leeboards to avoid leeway, meaning less wetted surface area. And since the system is activated by gravity, it will not have to be manually activated when tacking or gybing. Not having the rams and the hydraulic systems will also mean less weight in the hull which can be moved to the bulb. This will also translate to more space below deck for sail inventory management. Lighter, less wetted surface, faster. Performance does not have to be complicated. Comments?