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More Virgin

We ran this in e-anarchy last night. if you don’t get it, get it.

From our pals at SportBusiness: Richard Branson, owner of the Virgin Group, is considering extending his current partnership with Formula One team Brawn GP into a title sponsorship. Virgin’s current deal with Brawn – finalised half way through the Australian grand prix around a month ago – is believed to be worth as little as $250,000 a race.

“At the moment we are negotiating, as are other people, and we may or may not end up doing a full-branding exercise,” said Branson, according to Eurosport. “If we don’t do it we will obviously be the sponsor for this year and would be delighted with the way it has gone, and if we end up doing it, even better.” “But someone could come in and pay a silly price. And if that happens, we will bow out gracefully. At the moment we’ve made an offer we feel we can afford.” Brawn driver Jenson Button has won three of the first four races of the 2009 season and the team is at the top of the constructor’s championship.