Rabid Dog

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Rabid Dog

You’ve seen the press release and probably read the wildly active threads in AC Anarchy brought to you by SLAM, but here’s the rest of the story about GGYC’s motion for contempt of court.

We’ve been saying for more than a year that GGYC should be playing hardball with Bertarelli, asking various levels of NY Courts to punish him for the endless stream of bullshit and lies that he’s foisted on the Court and the world.  Transformed by the Cup like Golem with the Ring, he’s like a rabid dog – immune to reason, friendship, and anything like the kind of social norms followed by the rest of the world.  Last Thursday he proved his recklessness with regard to the law, sending this letter to GGYC and claiming the right to hold the 33rd Cup in May – a blatant dismissal of the Court of Appeals’ order.  Once again, Ernesto shows that he’s nothing but a spoiled rich kid, and he can do whatever he wants.

Today, the NY Court ordered his lawyers to show up on the 14th of May, and explain why their boss shouldn’t have to pay a lot of money in fines – or someone might spend time in jail.  They don’t give a shit how rich he is, and Bertarelli is about to learn what it feels like to be under someone else’s control.  For his sake, let’s hope that someone isn’t named “Bubba.”  In truth, we can’t imagine that SNG will push the court into actually putting a Club principal or the kingpin himself in jail – more likely, they will get fined and change the date to February.  Perhaps they’ll try a failing appeal as they scramble to get their DoG multhull put together – but Alinghi has done a lot of things we could never imagine.  Whatever their strategy, they should remember one thing:  Karma is a nasty bitch.