Southern Comfort

Southern Comfort

We reported on the plethora of sailing beauties at Charleston last weekend; easily the most girl-rich regatta we’ve been to that wasn’t restricted to women.  Both on and off the water, the mix was so much more balanced than the usual sausage-fest, and racers were pretty much unanimous that this level of sailor chickdom was one of the things that made the event as good as it was.

Maybe the rise of the sportboats and their lighter loads has opened the door for a lot more girls, but we saw plenty of them offshore as well, so we’re not sure just what is going on – but we like it.  What we DO know is that we’re creating a new award for the most gender-balanced regatta in the world, and so far, Charleston is in the lead for 2009.  If you organize or attend a regatta this year with a great mix of girls and guys, let us know about it. The winning club or organizing body will get a big SA flag and some free promotion right here.

Don’t bother with any regattas with gender restricted classes like the OCR or college sailing – those don’t suffer from an overabundance of penis like the kind of regattas that regular people do.  We want to see what the real heart of sailing is doing about getting more chicks on the line – and may they continue to race hard, party hard, and keep going to as many regattas as they can.

You can see all 75 of Mer’s girl shots in the Girls of Charleston thread in On-The-Water Anarchy, which attracted more than three times the audience of last year’s coverage, and we haven’t even processed the numbers from the SA TV viewer.  Thanks again to primary sponsors the US Melges 24 Class, Point Loma Outfitting, and Latis Yachting Solutions for helping us make such a fun event available to so many of you. You can check out Mer’s entire gallery and order pics here….