Ups and Downs

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Ups and Downs

Bouwe Bekking – exclusive report for Sailing Anarchy

This was a leg of mixed feelings. Going from the penthouse, to the shithouse, back to the penthouse. It’s been a hard one, because after leading for such a long time we lost the lead, due to our own fault. When we had to make a call for a crucial gybe  the call was to early and wrong, loosing valuable miles and therefore the lead.

Then, the final 300 miles to Boston we sailed really, really good, passed Puma, and gaining lots of ground on the leaders… and this was not a matter of good luck, which makes me feel (again) confident on the performance of our puppy.

The third place is an OK result for us, because thanks to that, now we are second overall. That’s the good news. The bad news is that we’ve lost points against Ericsson 4 which was a primary call for this leg: to beat them. This doesn’t make me feel happy, but there is still some points to fight for, first in a few days with the Boston in port race, which our team is really looking forward too. We have done well in all the inshores, and also thinking of the overall win, we need to keep on adding points.

Of course, it’s great to arrive here in the USA. The set-up here at Fan Pier looks really  fantastic. The welcome reception we had over here even exceeded my expectations, and of course it was way more intense than the one we had in Baltimore during the last Volvo Ocean Race. It makes such a difference to know that the people here really support the sailors, the teams, the race and, therefore, our whole sport.

But also this is a really great opportunity to come on out here and check out my plans to launch a Sailing Anarchy boat for the next Volvo Ocean Race! 

Bouwe Bekking