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Clamp Down

China Coast Guard Closes Xiamen Recreational Boating

Xiamen’s Coast Guard office has placed new regulations on recreational boat usage which limit/prohibit use of sail and powered boats. Credible sources report the Coast Guard now requires official boat registration/certification, licensed skippers/pilots, and 48 hour notice prior to use of all recreational boats.

The new requirements apply to all recreational boats from family dinghy sailboats to luxurious motor yachts. Registration of recreational boats in China has been complex since regulatory agencies have no established standards for boat and yacht construction.  Registration agencies do not recognize ABYC (American Boat and Yacht Council) or CE certifications.

Imported and domestically produced boats must be approved by the China Classification Society, which maintains standards for commercial craft, but none has yet been established for recreational craft.

Xiamen, an island city located on the Taiwan Strait, is considered by many as the key location for the developing recreational yachting industry in China. Increased interest in recreational boating, the growing middle-class, and improvement in Cross-Strait relations with Taiwan Province forecasts strong growth for Xiamen’s marine development.  Shangshan Marina with over 400 berths and dozens of luxurious homes is the most auspicious marina development in China. It is located adjacent to Xiamen’s new exhibition and conference center. Comments?