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Post Toasty

Just a quick note to fill our customers in on some of the details of last Thursday’s Fire.  New England Boatworks, Inc. had a very serious fire that broke out very early in the morning.   We lost three of the buildings on the southern end of our property – engineering, stockroom and repair.   This fire very quickly went from one building to a three buildings scenario.   While this is tragic, we were extremely fortunate that no one was hurt and all of our boats remained safely tied at the docks out of harms’ way.   Thanks to the quick actions of our security guard, Steve Lecuyer, we were able to contain the fire in a timely manner.  

New England Boatworks would like to thank the Portsmouth Fire Department and all of the other fire and police departments for all of their help in containing the fire here at our facility in Portsmouth.  The loss could have been much greater with out their dedicated efforts.    We also send our best to all the injured firefighters and are very thankful that they have no sustained side effects.

With  typical NEB spirit, we were back up and running the next day with 80 % of our work force going ahead with  our spring schedule – sanding, painting, launching, etc.    Today as we write this letter our work force is back at 100%.   NEB is a strong company with approximately 100 employees who are dedicated to going forward.  We intend to rebound from this stronger than ever!

New England Boatworks would also thank all of our customers, the boating and sailing communities who have offered their help, resources and best wishes to us in this situation! 

Steve, David and Tom
 New England Boatworks, Inc.