Bean Town Winners

Bean Town Winners

It was another tight finish to an ocean race (see below), with Ericsson 4 crossing the Boston line at 21:05:10 UTC Sunday, and her sister ship, Ericsson 3, following her just 12 mins and 48 seconds later, just ahead of Telefonica Blue by 5 mins and 4 seconds. Torben Grael, skipper of Ericsson 4, said on the dockside: "It feels fantastic. I think we had a very good leg. We were always very close to the other boats, even Delta Lloyd sailed a fantastic leg.

"I think it was very important – a key position – when we gybed a few days ago. After that, there wasn’t many transitions there. We just managed to keep the front, which was not easy. Even here at the end, when it looked like it was alright, winds were very light with the seabreeze fighting the land breeze.

"So it was a very hard job. But a very good result for us. It couldn’t be better. It’s one more step towards our objective. Normally, regattas in the States give me luck. This is another one of them." Pic Rick Tomlinson and more here.

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