Shell Game

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Shell Game

Some news from SA advertiser McConaghy, who while some others are sucking, seem to be rolling right along…

Many of the Mini Maxi’s have recently had modifications to their aft quarters, keel and mast positions and after a brief debut in 2008 it was decided to refit Alfa Junior while keeping the deck and funky interior intact. A bit beyond the tweaking that has been going on in this fleet, a brand new hull design has been commissioned eliminating the hard chines that have become so popular in the Mini Maxi fleet recently. The hull was cut away and a brand new hull has been designed and built at McConaghy’s China facility. With the deck and interior hanging in a custom steel support structure the new hull is ready to be slipped underneath and the deck and interior lowered and installed with McConaghy’s typical precision and flawless workmanship. Alfa Junior will be fuller in the bow, two feet longer and narrower aft.

The interior, which is spectacular in design and execution is styled after the Alfa Romeo line of automobiles with the navigation station/engine cover following the lines of an actual car. Even the companionway ladder is that of Alfa Romeo grill.

Also, in case you missed it, Harken did a nice feature with Jono Morris from McConaghy.